Apr. 6th, 2008

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First, I want to thank everyone that submitted an entry into the "Why AlMiles Are Leaving" Contest. They were all fabulous and wonderful.

Second, I want to thank everyone that came and voted. It was awesome to have so many new people stop by partake in the poll.

And third, I want to congratulate [livejournal.com profile] slinkling and her hilarious top ten list for garnering the most votes and thus being our winner. Email me your snail mail address to mstress at gmail dot com so that I may send you a care package with all sorts of wonderful and exciting prizes. You truly deserve them for your awesome list!

And here it is, again for everyone to enjoy!

10. They've signed on to head the marketing campaign for Stride gum.

9. Kristin Kreuk is leaving the show, and taking all their joy with her.

8. Jor-El told them to find new jobs. It's for Clark's own good, somehow.

7. They recently looked up the word "continuity" and realized they'd gotten themselves into some trouble.

6. The network rejected their script in which Clark and Lex fellate each other on-screen.

5. They asked themselves, "What would Jesus do?" and realized He'd get the hell away from this ludicrous show.

4. Someone finally pointed out to them that in Superman canon -- which they're contractually obligated not to contradict -- Clark does NOT end up with Lana.

3. Every time they tell an interviewer how this is their best season ever, they come that much closer to breaking down weeping from the urge to confess that it just isn't so.

2. Honestly, they ran out of ideas years ago. It's just taken them this long to admit it.

1. After seven years, they want the opportunity to develop other promising concepts and then royally fuck them up.


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