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School is starting to wear on everybody. We're all snappish and moody. I'm trying to make it through alive by keeping my mouth shut and concentrating on my work during class.

I have to spend some of my 3 day weekend working on the outline for my demonstration briefing teaching thing I have to give next week.

You know what's really difficult? Trying to think of a paragraph of text that will motivate grown adults who are in the military that they want to learn how to cut a string of paper dolls.

But I am going out the girls in my class on Saturday. We're going to wear cute outfits and go to The Shed in Ocean Springs for BBQ. Last night we all watched Farmer Wants a Wife and had lots of fun snarking at it. And our big plan next weekend is to go fishing off the pier and eat chips and salsa.
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Attention Bones fans!

Can someone tell me if FOX in their infinite wisdom aired the episodes of the first season out of order or put them out of order on the DVDs?

Because I don't like how people keep suddenly knowing or not knowing things.
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I haven't seen anyone mention it but since there are lots of Jared fans on my FList I thought I would post it for them.

CHUD has a preview of their visit to the Friday the 13th set and Devin has some nice things to say about Jared.

Here's the link and here's the pull quote "and stars Jared Padalecki (disconcertingly nice and funny for such a good looking guy)".


Holy crap!

Jun. 10th, 2008 05:28 am
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It was just crazy raining 5 minutes ago! A solid sheet of rain with mega thunder and lightening!

And now it just a regular drizzle.
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It's 11AM and I don't know what to do.

I would like to go to the mall but I don't want to drive and it's hot outside and I'm too lazy to take a shower and put on real clothes.

But I can't spend the whole rest of the day in my room because I'll go stir crazy.

I could go to the movies but then I have to re-invoke all the reasons that followed the mall idea.

But I really want to buy some new shirts and possibly a pair of Chucks.

I've done my laundry so I've already done the things I have to do today. And now I'm stuck filling up the rest of my day.

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Went to the movies with Joy and Kristen last night.

When we got back to base we met up with some of the guys in our class.

And I learned a very important lesson.


There was clinging to the toilet bowl. There was falling asleep in my clothes. And there was a horrible headache the next morning that lead to the horrible 2 block walk in the super bright sunshine to buy aspirin.

The only good thing to come of it is that I did learn that my geeky brain still works while intoxicated. Kevin kept quizzing me on comic book related topics and I was able to answer all of his questions. I gave him a complete rundown on what's going on with Spider-Man 4. He was very impressed. But then he was pretty drunk as well so I'm sure it's all relative.
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Fear Itself was good last night. 'The Sacrifice' had the right blend of interesting story and gore. I'm really looking forward to the next ep!

I had my Block III test today. I got a 90%. That puts me at a 93% average so far. 3 blocks down, 3 more to go!

Went out to lunch with some of the girls in my class. It was nice. I've been without female friends that I see on a regular basis since Terri went to school in January. And since she graduated, came back to LV, and left to go on to Germany while I've been here; I won't have the opportunity again until I'm in SD.

Then I went to Walmart and bought S3 of Weeds and Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show on DVD.

And I followed it all up by finding the local comic book shop and buying some things that aren't on my regular pull list. The store's really nice even though I did drive right past it the first time since it didn't actually have a sign out front.

My plans for tonight involve watching DVDs, eating ice cream, and getting a bit tipsy. Good times all around!


Jun. 5th, 2008 07:36 pm
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I'm pretty sure that the guy that broke my glasses when we were playing dodgeball is here at Keesler for a class.

He recognized me and I know he's in my unit but I'm not sure if he's the dodgeball guy because I never got a good look at him since I couldn't see without my glasses.

But I know he was a Finance guy and all the Finance classes are here in the same building mine are.

*hopes that nothing happens to my new glasses*


And here's the link to the virtual tour of my house. Just in case anyone is interested. I'm mostly amused at how she carefully shot around my autographed Smallville poster. I don't understand why she just didn't ask us to take scarecrow Clark down if she thought it would be odd to have a half naked man on the wall.


I am vexed.

Jun. 4th, 2008 10:06 pm
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One of my links off to the right has been hijacked. It keeps redirecting me to other pages. I know it's not a problem with the actual site because I can get there if I type the name in myself or click a link on another page.

Does anybody have any ideas how to fix it?

And if it matters, it's the link to Chris's Invincible Super-Blog.
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So after hearing [livejournal.com profile] anonymous_sibyl's report that the Smirnoff pre-mixed mojito wasn't that bad I went off to the Class 6 to procure myself some before the weekend.

But alas! It was not meant to be. They only had it in the 1.75 liter bottle, there were no 750 ml bottles left.

So I went with the Parrot Bay mojito wine cooler things. I figure if Captain Morgan makes them then they should be okay.
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ran a mile and a half this afternoon in the heat and humidity.

face was bright red for 40 minutes after i stopped running.

spent an hour on hold with finance people back in las vegas trying to find out if my travel voucher was paid.

watched first eps of studio 60 on dvd.

have to wear my blues to class tomorrow.

i am very sleepy.

everybody stop posting fic i want to read until tomorrow.
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Sign that you know too many piddly details about other people's lives, that is.

While reading articles about the fire at Universal Studios, I kept thinking "That's Tobey Maguire's father-in-law!" every time they quoted Ron Meyer, who is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studios.
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I went to Walmart again today because I learned the nearest Target was in Mobile and I wasn't about to drive 60 miles.

I was looking for some of the new flavors of Mountain Dew that I learned about yesterday. And I was saddened to find that the Walmart had none.


While I was in the DVD section I found a copy of The Minus Man for $10! Now my Owen Wilson film collection is almost complete!


ETA: And now I've just found out that my comic store back in LV is having John Romita Jr. in for a signing on the 13th! My happy mood has now been lost.
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Just got done talking to my husband on the phone.

He had me using my Google-Fu while I was on the phone.

Topics I researched for him were:

1. Why he hadn't seen anything on the internet about Barry Melrose being the new coach of the Tamp Bay Lightening

(Because it's just spec right now and nothing will be formally announced until the NHL commission approves the sale of the team to its new owners on the 18th of June.)

2. What's up with the new varieties of Mountain Dew

(Revolution, Supernova, and Voltage were picked by online voting and whichever receives the most votes will be permanently added to the Mountain Dew family. Their flavors respectively are wildberry, strawberry-melon-lime, and raspberry-citrus. They all also have ginseng added to them.)
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We had our test on Block 2 today.

And I didn't study last night.

But I did study for 30 minutes before the test today.

I got the only 100% in the class.


I think there's a lesson in there somewhere but I'm not sure what it could possibly be.
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I just won three of Annette O'Toole's Smallville scripts.

I'm most jazzed about the all red paged copy of 'Justice'.
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The lightening and thunder is crazy outside right now! No rain yet but it's loud and bright so far!
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Just got back from seeing Indian Jones and the Incredibly Long Name.

Twas very good and I enjoyed it muchly.

The most exciting part was when I thought a fight was going to break out in the theater. The couple next to us had brought their baby and while the baby was being very good it would occasionally make some noise. The people in front of them thought the few noises were too many and got into a heated exchange of words with them.


*uses this icon to indicate one of my favorite parts*


May. 24th, 2008 04:59 pm
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Did you know that Butterball has a line of deep fried turkey lunchmeat?

It comes in Original, Cajun, Thanksgiving, and Buttery Herb styles and it's the best thing in the whole wide world.

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And tangentially related, the first photo of Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li has escaped to the interwebs. It's not a picture of her in the typical Chun Li outfit but it is a photo nonetheless.

Check it out here.