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2012-05-20 12:15 pm

Friends Only

I have a very liberal friending policy. Friend me and comment here and I'll add you to my list as soon as possible.

I'm a huge geek and I'm not afraid to admit it. My journal contains all the various squees and rants that fannish folk tend to have.
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2008-11-13 03:36 pm

And we have a winner!

It was a tough battle but after two days of intense voting the man who can grow a better beard is...

Drum roll please! )

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and double thanks to [livejournal.com profile] claudia79ad for daring me to do this in the first place.
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2008-11-11 02:39 pm

The Debat Rages On!

Dear Friends,

My friend, [livejournal.com profile] claudia79ad, are having an argument for the ages. And we need your help to settle it. We need you to decide who grows the better beard. Not who looks better with it but who can actually grow the most "successful" beard. There are three choices for you to vote on. Spread the word! I'm leaving this post open to all since she was afraid of my FList skewing the results. And don't ask me why we're having this discussion in the first place. It's too complicated to explain.

[Poll #1295548]

ETA: And in honor of [livejournal.com profile] nofantasy being the first one "real" enough to pick Spencer, I present The Soup reveals the evil genius of The Hills
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2008-09-16 06:42 am

The Week Ahead

Cable install today!

Washer and dryer delivery tomorrow!

Close on house on Friday!

All our things from Las Vegas delivered next Tuesday!

If that ain't "WHOOT!" I don't know what is!
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2008-08-20 06:26 pm


Am here safe in SD.

Blech. I never want to drive anywhere ever again.

Will talk to you all when I'm feeling more human and I stop feeling like I'm still in a moving car.
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2008-06-26 03:43 pm

Half a Dozen of the Other

Bad news: Didn't get selected for promotion. I cried for 30 minutes after I found out.

Good news: Dave was here to cheer me up. And I graduated this morning so I am now an Education and Training Manager in the USAF. And we're leaving to go home tomorrow morning.
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2008-06-25 04:18 pm

End Days

Well, I passed my sixth and last test today so I get to graduate tomorrow.


I averaged a 92% on all my tests so I'm feeling pretty smart.

And I'm picking Dave up from the airport tonight.

And promotion results are released tomorrow. So think good thoughts for me tonight. I was number one not selected in my career field last year, so I really want to make it this year.
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2008-06-24 08:46 pm

My Good Deed for the Day

Just got back from volunteering at a Red Cross blood drive. My job was to mind the Kid Zoo, where parents could leave their wee ones while they gave blood.

There were some tears when the kidlets were left behind but I was able to dry them quick like.

We all drank juice and watched Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid. Fun was had by all!
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2008-06-23 07:14 pm

"Oh Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch."

I'm just using this space to say that I really like The Big Bang Theory.


And I thought I should mention it.
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2008-06-22 05:55 pm

Life in list format

* Learned promotion results come out the same day I graduate
* Watched Georgia Rule on DVD
* Regretted it
* Saw Get Smart yesterday
* Busted a gut when friend Joy dropped an entire box of Lemonheads in the middle of the movie
* Fought a cockroach in the bathroom last night with spray air freshener, a flip flop, and the cold water tap
* Was forced to listen to the guy in the next room cough like he was trying to bring up a lung for 10 minutes
* Did laundry

What did you do this weekend?
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2008-06-20 09:30 pm

And you lost me

The Dark Knight just took a hard hit in the realistic and dark department in my opinion.

I mean, it's hard to take something serious when they're selling Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the shape of bats in conjunction with the movie.
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2008-06-20 08:26 pm

The End of the Day

It's raining again! It smells wonderful outside.


And the Planet of the Apes remake is on TV right now. It amuses me to try and remember what all the actors look like underneath all their makeup.
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2008-06-19 07:27 pm

A Call To Arms!

I figure the best way to smooth over things on the internets after a kerfuffle is to give everyone a new target. A common enemy that we can all rally together against and defeat.

So here goes...

According to Forbes Lauren Conrad is more powerful in Hollywood then Tina Fey.

This is the kind of injustice that we all can agree must be stopped! Who's with me?
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2008-06-18 05:23 pm

Me and Mine

I want to giver everyone on my Flist BIG HUGS for all the wonderful things they've said lately. It really means a lot to me.

My speech went well today. Everyone had fun and my instructor said I didn't leave out anything and I didn't say "Uhm" that many times.

Today I learned about: how to make coffee filter butterflies, how different chess pieces move, how to speak some basic Filipino, how to construct a sentence in Spanish, how to make chocolate covered strawberries, and how to write basic HTML. That last one was fun because I kept throwing the other tags I know in.
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2008-06-17 08:03 pm

Misery, I know it.

I'm pretty sure that life hates me.

Because tomorrow I have to get up in front of my class and give a 40 minute demonstration performance speech and it will be the second day of period.

Cramps and public speaking are not mixy things!

At least my turn isn't until after lunch.
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2008-06-16 08:20 pm

*puts on mean face*

I'm usually pretty easy going when it comes to fandom. I know everyone has different opinions and I know that's going to cause arguments. I usually only put my two cents out there when it's something that really riles me up. I'm pretty sure the last time I felt like this it was the stupid Smut Box.

But the shit I've been seeing over the past couple days is just wrong, spiteful, and mean.

I'm not going to call anyone out or name names. You know who you are. And I know this post probably won't sway you at all. And I'm not asking for that happen. You're entitled to your opinions. But right now you're going to hear mine.

What you've been doing isn't right and it's not doing the image people of have people in fandom any good. You're giving yourself and everyone else a black eye.

So could you please just drop it. We're all in this together. There isn't an "enemy" out there you need to destroy and drag through the mud.

It's just a show. They're just fictional characters. They're just actors.

That's all.

I just needed to air this out because it's been festering in my brain for awhile now. I won't be responding to pleas to know exactly what's going on so don't bother posting here asking for them. And I don't want anyone else posting the details here either. But I'm not turning off comments or screening them because we're all adults here. Right?

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2008-06-15 04:15 pm

come again some other day

After living in arid Las Vegas for seven years I never thought I would get tired of being somewhere it rains all the time. But...

Dear Mississippi,


No love,

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2008-06-14 10:29 pm


The message light on my phone is blinking.

But the front desk assures me I don't have any messages.

They say it's a glitch in their system, that they're currently having upgraded.

So the red light just keeps on blinking.
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2008-06-13 02:36 pm

The comedy greats; Lou and Stan.

The Incredible Hulk has been seen.


My love for Zak Penn is growing by leaps and bounds.

*thinks back fondly on the PCU days*

My baby is all grown up!


I think I might go see another movie tonight. I'm torn between Prince Caspian or Kung Fu Panda.
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2008-06-12 08:01 pm


Dave has been trying to send me this picture from the email on his phone for a whole week. Today I finally just told him to send it from the same account but from his computer instead. And it showed up right away.


Here is the picture of my Smallville poster that Deb the realtor so carefully shot around when taking pictures of our house.

One blurry Clark